From Yılmaz Sazak Photography Lane Exhibition Capturing the Moments

The walls of the exhibition hall are covered with photos reflecting such moments. Almost 50 photos in 50 X 70 cm size, capturing the performance and feeling from various branches of athletics, are recorded in the memories of the audience. That night tehre is one name remembered by many: Yılmaz Sazak. A corporate social responsibility project continued for the past 17 years...An art event generating the visual memory of this project continued for the past 17 years...An art event generating the visual memory of this project for 8 years... Both are commemorating Yılmaz Sazak, whom we lost on 15 July 2000.

It is Wednesday, 22 February, 2011. Yüksel Recreation Center in Ankara is hosting “Yılmaz Sazak Photography Lane Exhibition”, organized in the frame of “Yılmaz Sazak International Age Groups Athletics Meetings” for the 8th time.

In her speech she addresed to many guests from business, sports, and art world, Deniz Sazak, Yüksel Holding/Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş. Corporate Communications and HR Coordinator, Chairperson of Yılmaz Sazak International Athletics Meetings Organization Committee and Yılmaz Sazak’s daughter, mentioned that they are aiming at helping Turkish athletes compete on international platforms. She also added that their support in athletics will be continued. This tournament, continued now for 17 years, is among the top 3 games in Europe in 12-17 age group. In  the last 6 years of the games, a total of 76 local and international records were broken. The athletes of younger age group are finding the opportunity to compete with their foreign peers. Growing up on these lanes, they may even participate in the Olympics.

Photos of this year’s exhibition are the ones shot during last year’s games. The meeting of 2012 was held at Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex on June 2. Photos to  be held on this day will be displayed on the 9th exhibition to take place in 2013.


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